Hi!  I’m Annie.

I was raised by a mad scientist and his long-suffering business manager in then-newly-developing suburban San Diego.  My childhood activities involved home-made hand-powered go-carts, a fort built between the walls of our house, and uncounted experiments that resulted in small fires/minor personal injury.

I’ve lived at least briefly on four continents. I have bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Linguistics, with a graduate certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. My master’s thesis examined how the words we are exposed to influence the words we can retrieve (specifically regarding prosocial and antisocial domains), and how that applies to the slogans we see and our perceptions of customer service — that the customer is not always right.

I am currently a doctoral student at Iowa State University where I work with Dr. Kevin Blankenship and Dr. Douglas Gentile. I am interested in success, perception, judgment, and automaticity, as well as anything at the interdisciplinary corner of language and psychology.

My personal hobbies include lindy hop, blues dance, literature, and sustainable design.

Visit my LinkedIn page here.

Visit my husband’s blog, on play and learning effects, here.

Something interesting to say? Contact me!


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